Iowa Public Television

Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 Consumer Electronics Show - Day 1

I am attending the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and I am looking at a few very specific items. As I have been doing DTV information sessions throughout the state of Iowa, I have had an opportunity to listen to and answer many questions. However there are many more questions that still need to be answered and I have used those issues to determine what I am looking at.

Primarily there are four specific issues. First is recording over-the-air digital television. Many peopl who have purchased converter boxes have discovered that they make using existing VCR's very difficult. I am looking at what items are available to replace the analog VCR. The second area is indoor antennas. Although I am not a fan of indoor antennas because of the problems associated with indoor reception it is clear that many people want to continue to use them. I will be reporting on what is happpening on this front.

The third issue is about what is happening in display development. There are some exciting new technologies being unveiled at this year's conference. Many people are looking at new televisions and want to be sure that what they are purchasing is the right choice for them.

The fourth issue is audio. You don't have to watch too much digital television to recognize that there are some unresolved audio concerns. Audio/video synchronization is an issue and a number of vendors are offering the consumer some options for correcting these problems. And if you change channels you'll notice the other issue which is loudness or more precisely the inconsistent audio levels between channels. I will be reporting on what is happening on this front as well.

I will be filing my first report later today.